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Ara and Vahe, sons of residential contractors, started ServiceTitan in 2012 to help their fathers manage their growing home service businesses. They wanted to make their fathers proud, and help thousands of their peers in home services.

Today we are humbled that so many of the world's best home service companies use ServiceTitan to better manage their businesses, improve sales, and provide an extraordinary customer experience. Our mission is to champion the underserved home services industry. We are fortunate to have the world's best team paving the way.

An Extraordinary team dedicated to your success

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Co-founder, CEO

Ara is co-founder and CEO of ServiceTitan, where he is responsible for coalescing the team around its vision of empowering home services businesses. Ara’s background in engineering and sales – combined with his seven years of domain expertise – have helped ServiceTitan earn the trust of the world’s leading service companies. Ara graduated from Stanford University.

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Co-founder, Product

As co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Vahe is the principal domain expert and product visionary behind ServiceTitan’s innovations. Vahe’s father is a plumber, and Vahe built ServiceTitan as a “thank you” to his dad and fellow contractors. Vahe holds degrees in Computer Science, Neuroscience, and Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

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As ServiceTitan’s Chief Technology Officer, Alex is responsible for leading the magical technology that powers ServiceTitan, as well as managing its sophisticated engineering process. Alex is a pioneer of one of the leading ORM products for the .NET platform and helped build the infrastructure that powers one of the largest web sites on the internet – Quora.

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Customer Experience

As Head of Customer Experience, Matt’s primary responsibility is to ensure that ServiceTitan’s clients receive the same first-class experience that they strive to deliver to their own customers. To that end, he works closely with the Success, Onboarding, Advocacy, and Product teams and relishes the opportunity to engage with passionate clients. Matt graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Business Development

Jim is Head of Business Development at ServiceTitan. He cultivates strong relationships with strategic partners to create big wins for clients. Previously, Jim worked at a variety of startups and publicly traded technology companies. He loves to come to work every day to help small and medium-sized businesses grow into flourishing organizations. Jim holds a BS and MBA from Stanford University.

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Executive Assistant

As ServiceTitan’s Executive Assistant, Tinu supports the co-founders with organizing priorities, strategic initiatives, and general operations. After graduating from Stanford, Tinu returned to Vietnam as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of a major retailer with over 3,200 employees. At ServiceTitan, Tinu enjoys working with many talented and motivated individuals to make a positive change in the under-served home services sector. Tinu holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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Alex is an Onboarding Specialist at ServiceTitan, where he is responsible for helping clients get off to a successful start. Prior to ServiceTitan, Alex pursued graduate research in social demography, specifically into migration and its impact on ethnic entrepreneurship and local economies. Born and raised in Southern California, Alex holds Masters degrees from Princeton and Stanford and an undergraduate degree from Stanford.

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Ken is an Onboarding Specialist at ServiceTitan. He ushers new customers from their first login to continued success. Previously, Ken spent 7 years at Oracle doing large-scale, enterprise-wide software implementations for Fortune 500 customers. He also spent several years in the home improvement industry closing in-home kitchen and bath improvement sales. This has given Ken the true perspective of a sales and service technician. Ken holds an undergraduate degree and an MBA from Northwestern University.

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Matt is an Onboarding Specialist at ServiceTitan, where he is responsible for successfully transitioning new clients onto the ServiceTitan platform. Prior to ServiceTitan, Matt worked in Business Development for Since joining the ServiceTitan team, Matt has been consistently impressed by the level of dedication displayed by his co-workers. A lifelong Californian, Matt is originally from Pasadena and received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Southern California.

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As the Manager of the Customer Success Department, Angela works to ensure clients see incredible benefits from ServiceTitan and become extraordinary service companies. She manages a growing team of Customer Success Associates and Customer Success Managers to ensure the ServiceTitan userbase is getting continued value from the product. Prior to ServiceTitan, Angela was a Director of Community Management at a technology startup, a Marketing Manager at GUESS, and a Sales Manager at a waterworks company. Angela carries with her a data-driven approach to success management. Angela attended The University of Southern California, and holds a degree in English and Marketing.

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Amy is a Customer Success Manager at ServiceTitan, where she is responsible for helping clients get the most out of ServiceTitan. Amy also helps with ServiceTitan’s education and training efforts. Previously, Amy worked at Apple, and she is now pursuing a Masters degree at the University of Southern California. What Amy loves most about her role is that she gets to create “Wow!” moments on a daily basis.

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Eric Simpson is Manager of Customer Advocacy at ServiceTitan. He is responsible for making sure that ServiceTitan provides an extraordinary level of service for its clients. Eric is constantly searching for ways to increase response times and customer satisfaction. Prior to working at ServiceTitan, Eric managed a restaurant for four years, which gave him a great understanding of how to identify and address customer concerns and needs. Eric is proud to work for a company so dedicated to improving the lives of its customers. Eric graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Political Science.

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Dalena is a Customer Advocate at ServiceTitan. She works with customers on a daily basis to ensure seamless use of the software and provides concise and personable feedback and advice. She is a graduate of UC Irvine and feels incredibly lucky to have found such an amazing team. She is a Bay Area native, but is surprisingly quite fond of Los Angeles.

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As a Customer Advocate at ServiceTitan, Avo works directly with clients to ensure all questions and concerns are answered. Before joining ServiceTitan, Avo worked with various small businesses with responsibilities ranging from directing operations to management. He is beyond excited to be a part of the team of dedicated Titans that are trusted by the leading service companies. Avo holds degrees in Physiology and Neuroscience from UCSD.

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Matt is a Customer Advocate at ServiceTitan, where he is responsible for working with customers to troubleshoot issues and make sure they are getting the most out of ServiceTitan. Prior to ServiceTitan, Matt worked on blogging and social media in the non-profit world. Matt loves the family atmosphere at ServiceTitan and thinks the great product is a direct result of the great people working on it.

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Kenny is a Customer Advocate at ServiceTitan, where he strives to go the extra mile to turn every customer experience into a Wow! moment. Previously, Kenny was an Associate Manager of Customer Service. He also produces music.

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As an Account Executive at ServiceTitan, Robert focuses on helping more and more service companies become extraordinary service organizations. Robert spends most of his time listening to customers about their pain points and helping them discover solutions to address their concerns.

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Sales Engineer

Clayton is a Sales Engineer at ServiceTitan who handles detailed technical questions and explanations about the software, data analysis, and data importing and database administration. Clayton previously worked at ValueClick and then owned several different businesses in the IT space. Clayton holds a degree in Business Administration.

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Alex is a Software Engineer at ServiceTitan. He is responsible for developing the infrastructure that enables some of ServiceTitan’s most valuable features. Alex holds Masters degrees in both Economics and Computer Science.

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Marat is a Software Engineer at ServiceTitan. He is responsible for developing innovative features that improve ServiceTitan’s value proposition for its clients. Marat specializes in both web and mobile application development and holds degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

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Alexey is a Software Engineer at ServiceTitan, where he is responsible for supporting product functionality as well as new feature development. Alexey specializes in building and maintaining high-traffic, high-impact web applications like ServiceTitan. Alexey holds a BS degree in Mathematics.

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